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Tansha Advertising Terms and Conditions


To advertise in the small ads or the members services section. 

Fully paid up members can advertise free in the small advert pages and the members services section. 

How to advertise 

Adverts can be emailed to editor.vjmc


Please include when emailing in the subject line your name, VJMC advert and membership number. Also when posting please include your membership number.  Always include a phone number in advert. Please include your name in digital photo files. 


Adverts should preferably be no more than 6 lines in length. In the event that space is limited adverts over this length may be shortened. ALL bikes for sale should be priced otherwise adverts will not be published. A small photo of bike can be included. 

Items such as cars, registration numbers etc cannot be advertised. Items should be limited to bike only items. Transportation vehicles such as trailers are allowed. Non-members can advertise for sale items only. 

Member’s services adverts are linked to current membership. Should this lapse then the advert will be removed. Current members can sponsor a service that they think would be beneficial against their membership number. 

When will it appear? 

Publishing months for Tansha are: February, April, June, August, October and December. The editor must receive adverts by the 1st of the month before publishing to appear in the next copy. I.e. adverts received by 1st March 2011 will appear in April 2011 copy. Late adverts will be automatically carried over to the next copy. 


Although the VJMC provides the opportunity to advertise, this does not imply that the VJMC is promoting or guaranteeing the goods being sold or the services offered. 

The responsibility for deciding whether a service is suitable or the goods being offered are acceptable and of good value lies entirely with the purchaser. 

This is particularly relevant to surface treatments such as paintwork and chroming when the finish could be viewed as good quality my one member when another sees it as poor. Such finishes are subjective and you need to satisfy yourself before proceeding. 

NON Members’ 

Non-VJMC members may advertise ‘for sale’ items only ‘free of charge’ in the Tansha classifieds. Only motorcycles, literature and spares may be advertised. ALL bikes for sale MUST be priced. See above for other general information re advertising. 


Please contact the editor or check the club website for details regarding sizes, file types and pricing if you are interested in advertising in Tansha. 


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